Right of Withdrawal

Right of withdrawal for customers of the online webshop www.ffswatches.com.


  1. Right of Withdrawal
  2. Consequences of Withdrawal
  3. Withdrawal Form
  1. Right of Withdrawal
    1. If the customer is a consumer (as defined in our T&C) and has entered a long-distance agreement or an agreement as stated in section 312 b BGB with Felix Schlüter, Frederik Schlüter GbR, then it holds:
      1. The consumer has 14 days from product receipt date to withdraw from the agreement without giving any reason.
      2. To exercise the right of withdrawal the consumer must inform us (Felix Schlüter, Frederik Schlüter GbR, Katharinenstrasse 30a, 20457 Hamburg) in writting either via email to info@ffswatches.de or by sending us a letter to the above mentioned address. To this purpose, you can use our withdrawal form but this is not mandatory.
  2. Consequences of Withdrawal
    1. If you exercise your right of withdrawal, you will obtain a refund on every payment you have made to us. However, the consumer is responsible for the return shipping costs. Please be aware that for international deliveries, Felix Schlüter, Frederik Schlüter GbR does not refund the tax costs since this payment has not been made to us. We will also deduct any return shipping taxes or fees charged to Felix Schlüter, Frederik Schlüter GbR from the refunded amount.
    2. After receipt of the item, our experts will examine it to ensure its unchanged condition. After verification,  the buyer will obtain the refund.
    3. If the consumer wants to exercise the right of withdrawal, he or she must send the item within 5 days after the notification.
    4.  In case we obtain a damaged item, you will be liable for these damages. 
  3. Withdrawal Form
    1. We ask the consumer to send this form to the following adress: Felix Schlüter, Frederik Schlüter GbR, FFSWATCHES GbR, Contor Center, Katharinenstr. 30a, 20457 Hamburg.
    2.  Withdrawal:
    • I/ We inform Felix Schlüter, Frederik Schlüter GbR that I/we withdraw form the purchase agreement with Felix Schlüter, Frederik Schlüter GbR of the following item(s):
    • Ordered on —- and recieved on —.
    • Name of consumer: —-.
    • Adress of consumer: —.
    • Signature and date of consumer.